JLCT means Japanese Language Capability Test.

Principally this test is conducted to measure the Japanese language communication skill of a non-native Japanese people. It has 5 levels and those are JCT1, JCT2, JCT3, JCT4, JCT5.Further JLCT checks Japanese-language communication skill by dividing the test in following three sections in each level:
1) Japanese Language knowledge (Character, vocabulary, grammar).
2) Comprehension reading.
3) Listening.
In addition to these, JCT nursing care 3 and JCT nursing care 4 are available.
The Incorporated Federation of Japanese Language Capability Testing Organization for Non-native Japanese, JLCT operates under its parental organization, The Federation of Japanese Kanji Association (President S. Tanaka)
Currently, this organization conducting kanji capability test 3 times a year, at nearly 250 centers across the country. The number of examinee appeared so far in the exam has been in number of nearly 100,000. We also, have a team of excellent , abled, experienced staff members in charge to organize the test.
The following teachers consist of the team to monitor the actual test:
・米田 正人 Honorable advisor of National Institute of for Japanese Language and Linguistics
・靏岡 昭夫 Eminent Professor of Yamaguche University
・高田 智和 Doctorate in Literature, Associate Professor at National Institute of Japanese Language and Linguistics
・森下 雅子 Lecturer of Japanese Language at Waseda University, Japanese Language Center
JLCT, with above mentioned professional associates, as its base, has been conducting the JLCT successfully.